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Dear patient,

the medical philosophy in our approach is based on a partnership between the patient and the physician. In order to realize this concept, a continuous effort to listen, to understand each other and to respect the partner is done. The quality of dialogue is stressed. The patient is considered as a mature and responsable subject and, as far as possible, the activity of the patient himself is emphasized to improve his condition of health. When searching solutions for medical problems, we concentrate on personal engagement and professionality. We follow continuous medical formation in order to provide always medecine according to the actual state of knowledge. The respect of the medical secret and of privacy (protection of personal data) is important to us. Also, we prefer an economic approach to medecine by ordering medico-technical  examinations only in case of real medical necessity and by presription of drug generics always when this is possible without loss of quality of treatment.

Salle d'attente

Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Diagnostic research and therapy of diseases of thedigestive system, liver, bile and pancreas.

Internal Medicine
Diagnostic research and non-surgical therapy of diseases of the internal organs.

Languages: French, English, German.

The treatments are fully covered by basic disease insurance. Pricing according to Suisse tarif convention Tarmed. Complementary insurance can be used for particular situations.

The medical office works closely together with a network of specialists and therapists in Geneva, in Vaud and neighboring France.